Jen Schumacher, open water marathon swimmer, will race to become the first person to complete the Ocean’s Seven. The Ocean’s Seven, a challenge set forth to all marathon swimmers, is comprised of seven of the most challenging and iconic channel swims in the world. To date, Jen has completed the Catalina Channel (twice, once in each direction). Follow Jen this year as she prepares for her English Channel attempt in July 2012.

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LA Bay Swim

Posted on 8.21.13

Forrest and I crossed the LA Bay.

AquaGear Guest Post: Most Gorgeous Open Water Swims in the U.S.

Posted on 4.10.13

Guest post: AquaGear swim shop’s blogger Lindsey lays out four of the most beautiful open water swims in the country. Check these out, perhaps get an idea for the 2013 open water racing season!

English Channel Part 2

Posted on 7.9.12

English Channel Part 1

Posted on 7.9.12

Last Thursday I attempted the English Channel. I was unsuccessful and found myself in the hospital recovering. I wrote this while I was there, still with many unanswered questions. I am recovering well and piecing together bits of information from everyone. The next update will hopefully shed more light on the events of the attempt.

English Channel Attempt Tomorrow

Posted on 7.4.12

Today I received a phone call from Paul Foreman, my pilot for my English Channel attempt, offering me an opportunity to swim tomorrow.

Last Sandycove Swim

Posted on 7.2.12

Today I swam the last two laps around Sandycove I’ll do for a while.

Cork Long Distance Week

Posted on 6.19.12

On Sunday many swimmers and volunteers arrived to Sandycove in Kinsale, Ireland for what would be the final day of the Cork Long Distance Week.

Total Body Brain Confusion

Posted on 6.16.12

Today was the second to last day of the Cork Long Distance Week in Ireland, the Total Body Brain Confusion swim.

Day 4 of Camp

Posted on 6.12.12

Today is Day 4 of Ned’s Cork Long Distance Camp. After this evening, I will have surpassed 50K across the 4 days of camp.